Ways on How to Prevent Acne

Acne, also called acne vulgaris, is a skin condition where different types of pimples come on the face and other parts of the body. This condition’s main cause is due to the over secretion of the androgen and sebaceous gland. The reason for this has been found as change in hormones duringteenage years. The first thing one should know for how to prevent acne is that one should always have balanced diet and adequate water. One should not have the junk foods like burger and cold drinks. Instead, one can have different types of fruits that help to regulate the hormones level on blood. Next, one should drink about eight glasses of water in a day. Water is always a good thing to balance the hormone as well as the body. Water will also help purify the blood and remove unnecessary toxins that can cause acne.  Likewise, one should also exercise regularly for how to prevent acne.

Often, sweat causing exercises are good as they open the pores of the skin and the skin gets cleared. One should also bath regularly. One should not have the habit of touching the face often as hands have always got dirt which gets transferred to the skin causing acne and other skin conditions. One can also use different types of sunscreens to avoid sunburn. Sunburn makes the face oily which can result in acne. However, one should also not use many creams on face as they may destroy the natural pigments that are present in the skin. Therefore, if you’re looking on how to prevent acne, one can follow the instructions mentioned above and you will notice the difference.


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