Acne home remedy: The best 4 of them

We must take care of acne, because it comes for more than one reason. Once it hits our skin, we feel a sudden need to hide our faces. So, for not having this embarrassment, you should go on for an acne home remedy like Tea Tree Oil, Zinc, and Lemon Juice etc.

Tea Tree Oil can be used as an acne home remedy; it is capable of killing the bacteria which dwells in our soft skins. Tea Tree Oil is on top priority when we talk about acne home remedy.

Then, there is Zinc, another most important item on the acne home remedy list, although with advantages, it brings an equal amount of side-effects too, it may cause stomach pains or a metallic taste in our tongue when excessively used, otherwise its perfectly alright. It also causes breakdown in our immunity systems and then the remedy becomes less effective themselves.

I would recommend Tea Tree Oil over Zinc as anyone else will too.

Lemon Juice is also an important acne home remedy; Lemon after squeezing leaves many droplets which if rubbed on the affected area can be wonderful for the removal of your acne. Although Orange peels does the same work as lemon droplets does but they are like more helpful with pimples, acne needs lemon droplets more often than orange peels.

Last but not the least, apply garlic face packs and see the change in no time; your acne will be out of your skin, as if they never came. Try these 4 acne home remedy and never bother to read another article for such a help.


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