Some tips to get ripped chest & body

To get ripped 100% diet and 100% analysis can do wonders. Anybody can get ripped within 6 weeks but you have to be committed regarding both your training as well as diet. Getting a ripped chest, arms and abs is major concern for mostly everyone who wants to look good and great. There are three factors to get ripped fast and easily like weight training process, nutrition & Cardio.

The training process includes lifting a lot of weight and keeping on failing and failing but then you will learn to have heavy weight and this is the right exercise to get ripped as the selection of exercise depends on the shape and size of the chest. Nutrition is another key factor to get ripped. The intake of carbohydrate and calories should be decreased and the protein should be increased but nothing should be done enough otherwise the muscle should be lost. The person sizemuscle mass, body fat levels and time frame plays a huge role and it should be on a completely individualized basis to get ripped.

Cardio also plays an important role to get ripped but it should be kept low for starting weeks and then gradually increase each week and so the bodies’ calorific deficit is increased during the last stages of the diet. This should be completed on a basis and it depends on the individual body fat, training, nutrition, cardio etc. and other factors also. So get ripped and look like a body builder and make a lot of girls attracted towards you.


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