Tattoos for women are not only a style statement anymore

Tattoos are the latest fashion quotient now a days, these tattoos makes a women more confident than they are. These tattoos for women comes in all forms, shapes and sizes, the popular ones among women and girls are the star tattoos, side torso tattoos, lower back tattoos and also the butterfly ones. Although online polls have determined that the tattoos in the lower back are the ultimate favorite with women.

Tattoos are made as a signature these days, meaning everyone wants to convey their personality with the kind of tattoos they keep on their bodies. Most people use their gods to be on their skin as a tattoo which will label them as a god fearing personality thus that will lead to build a point of view among people towards the person with such an interesting tattoo.

A tattoo inspiration is actually a way of interactions these days among people who have a little more ideas on tattoo than usual. Sometimes a tattoo is also used in a way to show one’s interest for a particular game or sport.

I have even saw women with tattoos as a sign of protest, signifying the demand of respect from the other gender, when a number of rape has been registered in some country, women marched for a slut walk and had tattoos with similar design signifying a protest to stop rape attempts.

Apart from these, some football stars use tattoo as to define some of their personal story, thus the tattoo is spread all over their body which defines a certain event of their life.


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