Acne home remedies can give you the answer for how to get rid of acne overnight

There are a lot of solutions for how to get rid of acne overnight like Eating healthy, Daily cleansing of the acne prone areas, Drink green tea daily, Don’t take stress, Work out, Don’t sleep with makeup on, Avoid alcohol. Eating healthy diet leads to fewer pores to get clogged and blocked because this generally leads to more acne. Daily cleansing also helps in decreasing acne. Drinking green tea is the best solution for getting rid of acne because it contains anti-oxidants that reduces acne. More stress leads to more acne. So, avoid being stressed and live happily. Work out is very effective because of two reasons. First one is sweating that cleans up the pores and the second one is it relieves stress and stops sebaceous glands from producing oil which clogs pores and leads to acne.

Tea Tree Oil, Zinc, Lemon Juice, Orange peel, Garlic are some among the acne home remedies. Using Tea Tree Oil kills Propionbacterium and helps in reducing acne in a short period of time. Zinc is also useful in acne but it has a lot of side-effects too as sometimes excessive intake of zinc leads to stomach ache because of its metallic aftertaste. Using Lemon Juice is another way to reduce acne by rubbing it on the acne prone areas. Likewise Orange peel does the same too but it adds one more thing that it cools the affected areas. Garlic is also effective like using face pack made up of garlic and even intake of garlic can also do wonders in getting rid of acne.


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