Great tattoo ideas for men and women

When we decide to have a tattoo, first of all we think of the shape we will be inking on our skin. Some want to put a word, a letter, a holy sign, while others opt for tattoos which will give a reflection of their personality, like a design with a sports theme, it shows that the person is actually a sports freak, or a tattoo showing a movie character, which signifies one’s passion for cinema. Some use their local languages to carve on their skin, which shows their love for their native place. The best tattoo ideas for women are the butterfly designs on the lower back and the tattoo of an angel on the side torso area.

But the most important thing is that carrying what you actually believe, you should not be fearful to express yourself with that tattoo design of yours, feel free to flaunt it, that’s the most important characters you need to have in you as a tattoo person.

The tattoo ideas for men varies from tattoos of Asian designs, tribal designs, the black and gray tattoos and the most common and interesting tattoos these days are the ones with portrait, it consists of portraits of a whole family, sometime great novel characters such as Frankenstein or James bond,  this kind of tattoo inspiration is much more realistic than any other kind.

If you are going for a permanent one, I would suggest that do proper investigation before having one for you, as it is going to be with you forever.


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