The best home remedies for yeast infection, I could suggest

Yeast infection is something you should get rid of in the first place. Although people will suggest you to go to doctor and get expensive antibiotics, I would like you to trust me this one time and allow me to suggest you a list of home remedies for yeast infection.

Ever heard of probiotics, it is actually a microorganism lives in vagina, and experts say it’s a friendly bacteria, get more of it as they are available as supplements in market. Presence of probiotics suppresses the growth of yeast infection, to learn more about it, read some articles on acidophilus and probiotics.

There is a chemical substance called the boric acid suppositories, it acts as an antiseptic and anti-fungus, it is very easily available in your nearest pharmacy. Apply it on a regular basis at the areas where the damage has been done, and you will see for yourself, how good a yeast infection home remedy it is. Although it is very effective, I must not keep you in dark that boric acid suppositories have side effects. It sometimes creates burn and irritation at the vagina.

Then there is the Tea tree oil, it is actually the best home remedy for such an infection, if it is applied after dilution, the results will be far better than applying it without dilution. It has the terpine-4-ol solution which does all the work actually.

If I could offer you precautionary measures to take before being affected by Yeast infection, I would suggest you to wear cotton underpants, to avoid too hot water while bathing and a 99% no to use of cologne or deodorants, but since you can’t avoid it, go for these home remedies.


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